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Signage – while it’s not “needed” per say (you could definitely get married without them) they help TREMENDOUSLY! Where are people entering? Where are they sitting? Is their a spot for gifts, or place to sign the guest book? No matter what the sign is for, it is helpful for the overall flow of your event! This is an in-depth look at what you will find when working with Ackin Events when it comes to your wedding signage. As you are researching about your upcoming wedding, or maybe someone you know has an upcoming wedding and you’re assisting, this information will shed some light on an option available to you!

While there are MANY options when it comes to wedding signage, we offer it to create that “one-stop-shop” feeling. We would love to work with you, and help you have the best day! Use this information to book services with Ackin Events, or use this information to weigh your options on other options that fit your needs. Either way, we only care that you have the most magical wedding day – and that perfect day includes some signage!

What is included in wedding Signage?

Wedding Signage can include many things – welcome sign, table numbers, seating chart, etc. Signage can be on wood, paper, in a holder, by itself – let’s be honest, it can be on anything you want! The goal of Signage at a wedding is to direct guests and keep the event flowing, while you’re focusing on getting married. Wedding Planners and Day-Of Coordinators are great to help direct guests, but Signage is a great way to make sure your planner/coordinator can focus on more important things.

While we understand you can get your wedding signage anywhere, we offer it because we take great care in making sure you get exactly what you want. We meet with you for a design consultation and make sure you are getting exactly what you want. It’s not just ordering of an online site – we will meet with you and work with you to make sure you are happy with your wedding signage before production.

How can Ackin Events help you?

Well, for starters, we have three amazing packages that can be rented or customized to be exactly what you want. Each package is priced accordingly, and includes many different sizes and types of signs to give you everything you need for your wedding day.

Start by evaluating your needs. How many tables will you have at your reception? Are menu signs provided by your caterer? Are you having a guest book for your guests to make an entry in? Then, think about if you are looking for general signs that don’t have your names, or if you’d like some personalization (names, dates, location). Our Rented priced packages combine all the signage needs for a wedding, at an affordable price. With rented signs, there is no option for customization, it must be a design from our pre-approved list of them.

Maybe you’d like to add some customization to your signs – pick your color, pick your design, add your names – we can do that too! Our To Own priced packages give you the opportunity to make your signs look exactly how you want them. They can match your color scheme, or maybe your aesthetic style. The customizable packages let you be in charge of what you’re getting, we just make them!

No matter which option you choose (Rented or To Own), you will meet with our Creative Director to discuss your needs. For customizable signs, that meeting needs to take place no later than 3 months before your big day. Our Creative Director takes great care in making sure you have exactly the look you want for your signage before doing any printing. For further inclusions, and a look at some of the options available to you, check out our Package Offerings & Pricing page.

What’s Next?

As you make up your mind on where you’ll get your Signage, think about the added ease of getting it from the same vendor that is providing another service for you. Think about it – your planner/coordinator already has knowledge of the venue, what your style is, and how your day will look. You have full control over what’s used at your wedding, but you also get expert opinions about your event when it comes to deciding what the best Signage package is.

If you’re interested in talking more about our Signage offerings, fill out our contact form for your free 1-hour consultation!

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