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Officiants – you need them to get married. Whether it’s someone ordained off the internet, someone from a church, or a judge at the courthouse, you need them to legally be married! This is an in-depth look at what you will find when working with an Ackin Events Officiant. As you are researching about your upcoming wedding, or maybe someone you know has an upcoming wedding and you’re assisting, this information will shed some light on an option available to you!

While we are focusing specifically on our officiants and how they assist you when you hire Ackin Events, there are similarities between us and other options. We would love to work with you, and help you have the best day! But we also know, finding the officiant option that works best for your needs is the most important part. Use this information to book services with Ackin Events, or use this information to weigh your options on an officiant that fits your needs best. Either way, we only care that you have the most magical wedding day – and that perfect day has to have an officiant!

What are Officiants?

An officiant is defined as a person who performs a religious service or ceremony. While this person is typically a priest or minister, they do not have to be. Almost anyone can be ordained as an officiant. This person can be involved at any time through the planning process – At Ackin Events, we come in around the 4 month mark. Our professional officiants create each ceremony specifically for our couples, and give the couple full editing power to really make it perfect.

Types of Officiants

There are 4 types of wedding officiants – civil, religious, professional, and ordained. A civil wedding officiant are those individuals in government roles that are legally able to perform ceremonies. These are most commonly judges or mayors and most of these ceremonies will take place at a courthouse, or other municipal building.

A religious wedding officiant are those priests and ministers we mentioned earlier. These individuals are ordained within a particular faith and normally perform ceremonies at their place of worship. With a religious wedding officiant, you may also have options, or requirements, to perform premarital counseling. In some faiths, this is a requirement before going through the ceremony and varies depending on the faith.

Professional officiants are those that we have here at Ackin Events. This person is paid for their officiating services because they have knowledge and experience performing these ceremonies. If you’re looking for someone who is non-religious, but has the experience required to perform a wedding ceremony, this is your best bet! (And our choice too, hire one of ours!)

Sometimes, it may not be in the budget to hire someone to officiate your wedding – and that’s ok! As we said earlier, almost ANYONE can be ordained as an officiant online – friend, family member, neighbor. The fees are small to get ordained, and the rules and regulations vary by state. If you’d prefer to go this route, our recommendation is to have the individual get ordained through American Marriage Ministries. They have a very user-friendly site that includes some examples of ceremonies to help you and your friend or family member create the perfect ceremony!

How can Ackin Events help you?

Well, for starters, we’d love to officiate your wedding! We offer Officiant Services at an affordable price, and offer a discount to the officiating price if it’s booked with another package!

Part of our Add-Ons Offerings, hiring our officiants includes an initial planning meeting 4 months before your wedding day. Our professional officiant will then work on creating a completely customized ceremony for you and your fiance. Updates will be sent to you monthly so you have the opportunity to edit and change things as you’d like! Final versions of the ceremony will be sent out two weeks before the ceremony so you can get excited!

What’s Next?

As you make up your mind on whether or what type of officiant you’re looking for, take into consideration the stress relief of hiring a professional to perform your ceremony. You still have full control of what’s in the ceremony, but you can have comfort in the knowledge that someone practiced will be performing your marriage.

If you’re interested in talking more about our officiant offerings, fill out our contact form for your free 1-hour consultation!

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